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Every myCenter Application Center is completely free and packed with the latest cutting edge features!

Easily read, accept, and deny applications from your application center with our new and improved user interface

Use our innovative bot system to automatically rank accepted group members

Allow your center to automatically decide who’s accepted with Quiz Mode

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Soro's Restaurant Franchise®

myCenter has been a blessing in disguise for Soro's! The system works incredibly well and there are so many things we can customize within the center to make sure it is ideal for our audience. The customer service is amazing to the point where it is something you cannot find at any other application, with the developers making sure everything is running smoothly. We will be with myCenter til the very end.

- Frrankos

Soros Representative

Empire * Theatre

We enjoy using myCenter, the experience is seamless for our players and staff and is an essential part on allowing our community to grow and thrive into the size it has grown to thanks to the easy application process it has in place.

- Golembyte

Empire Theater Representative

Sunset Coast Hotel & Resorts

Here at Sunset, myCenter has been a big step for growing and innovating our group each and every day. With over 500 applications coming in a day, the free and reliable application service never lets us down. myCenter helps us each day by providing automated services for our quizzes so we can focus on more important duties within our corporation. We never regret making the big decision!

- DexidusConX

Sunset Representative

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